"Your Guide to the Best Eyebrows You've Ever Had"

A pro reveals how to maintain your most flattering eyebrow shape.

  Your eyebrows are probably the last thing on your beauty to-do list as your wedding approaches. But a gorgeous arch perfectly frames your face, which is more important than ever on the day you'll be taking tons of pictures and all eyes will be on you! Anthony Andrews eyebrow specialists at Anthony Andrew Beverly Hills revealed the secrets to beautifully shaped brows to Inside Weddings. "The shape of your eyebrows sets the tone of your facial appearance and can make all the difference to boost your confidence," Duran says. Discover his insider tips and tricks below!

The Shape
"There isn’t a specific brow shape that goes with any specific face shape. I always share this with my clients: Every individual is born with a natural shape that fits them perfectly. Too much alteration can cause a drastic change in facial structure and sometimes not in a good way.

Every [professional] you go to has a different technique, whether it be a stencil or filling in the eyebrow first (which isn’t necessarily going with the the natural shape of the brow). The technique that I use is a bit different: I go by feel. The first thing I do when I start a session with a client is run my fingers through the brow and feel for the brow bone. Once I find the brow bone, that is how I identify the natural brow shape and I remove hair below and above the brow bone." 

The Tools                                                                                                                                                                            Always stay away from the shape as much as possible. Leave that area to the pros! It’s okay to tweeze the strays closest to the lash line, around the shape, and the middle of the two brows ('uni' area) using the size of your index finger as a guide. You should see a professional at least once every three weeks or once a month, depending on how fast your hair grows."

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The Trends
"Trends are constantly changing, not only with brows but with fashion and beauty in general. When it come to something so delicate as your eyebrows, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go with a shape just because everyone else has it. The number one thing I hear from clients today is that they had the thin eyebrows that were 'in' from the 1990s. To achieve that look, the brow was over-plucked or over-waxed. When it comes down to it, you will eventually want to go back to what you had before. It’s always better to stick with your natural shape that best fits your facial structure." 

The Worst Mistakes
"Women: Trimming your own brow hair. Unless you really know what you're doing, leave that to the pros! 

Men: Over-waxed or over-threaded eyebrows and high-arched eyebrows. Men's eyebrows should be cleaned up as little as possible." 

Fixing Light Eyebrows
"The first thing you should address with the sparse and thin area of your brow is: Do you have hairs that are lighter than the rest of your eyebrow hairs? If you do, then a brow tint (using dye specifically made for your eyebrows) will help darken those translucent hairs. This will result in a fuller brow that can last, depending on your skin type, two to three weeks. If that isn’t your scenario, then most people can use a little powder or pencil to fill in sparse areas for the appearance of a thicker brow, keeping it as natural-looking as possible."

Wedding Day Timing
"A bride should get her brows waxed a couple of days before her wedding. Nobody wants to be puffy walking down the aisle." 

Best Celebrity Brows
"I’m currently loving [the brows of] Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black. They are feminine but full. I’m obsessed!"

Opening photo by Kimberly Jarman Photography

Authored by: Erin Migdo